Audio codec hwC0D0: Conexant and powertop

If you have an intel sound card and you are concerned about battery life, probably you have seen this in the powetop output...

    100.0%                      Device         Audio codec hwC0D0: Conexant
After much duck-duck-ing around I found this enlightening comment on the lesswatt mailing list. It turns out that to enable power management on this device, the device must be open first. Something like

echo -n | aplay

in your rc.local script should do the trick.

hopefully this will give me few more minutes of battery time. Still no clue for the other device :

    100.0%                      Device         Audio codec hwC0D3: Intel
This page has plenty of good tips, most of them already integrated in the laptop-mode package in debian...

I added a couple of lines to my /etc/sysfs.conf file :


but the Audio codec hwC0D3: Intel is still there hanging with 100% :(

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Hey! have you solved the

Hey! have you solved the problem? I have a samsung 700z3a and I have the same problem, the Audio codec hwC0D3: Intel draw around 6W of total 18!

Unfortunately not ... there

Unfortunately not ... there are few mention on the web about this problem, but I haven't found any solution yet ...

I also have this problem =(

I also have this problem =(