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lesson learned making a cargo kilt

This entry is not really about computers, technology, or other work-related topics, but more about a hard-hack that I wanted to try for a while. How to make a kilt !!!

After a bit of duck-ducking, I decided to follow this excellent tutorial. At first sight the entire process seems a bit long, but you will realize that after the first read, that everything boils down to 3 steps: measure, fold and pin, sew.

For the measure part, I've the impression that the formula that is given in the instructable (waist/3*8+1) is a bit short for my comfort and taste. This is the size for the internal apron, the folded part that goes all around your left hip, back, and right hip, and the front apron. My suggestion would be to make the inner apron a bit longer then the front apron. This way the kilt will feel in my opinion more comfortable and it will envelop you body completely.

For the fold and pin part, you just need a bit of patience and a ruler. Put the pins parallel to the folding as in the instructable and not perpendicular. This will help you later when sewing everything.

The sewing ... If you know how to use a sewing machine, this is going to be a piece of cake. Otherwise, well, I spent more time troubleshooting the machine then sewing the kilt. I broke a few needles in the process and learned how to thread the machine with my eyes blindfolded. Not to mention that you have to learn how to disassemble this machines in a thousand parts to understand how the thread got stuck. It was fun. A lesson that I've learned is that a sewing machine works much better in the morning than late at night when you are tired and sleepy. Really !

Other then that, it was a fun experience. Maybe I'll make another one to commit this skill to mind. Maybe I'll run a kilt making workshop at the next debconf :)

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