dose has a new git repository and mailing list !

Recently we did a bit of clean up of our git repositories and now thanks to roberto's efforts we have a new shiny git repository on the inria forge and two mailing lists to discuss development and user questions.

If you are a user, or interested in dose development, please sign up to these mailing lists:

if you already have a copy of the latest git repository, you can change the upstream repository issuing the following command :

     git config remote.origin.url git://

If you are curious, you can clone dose git clone git:// and let us know what you think about it.

The API documentation is available here. The man pages or various applications developed on top of the dose library are available here. We are still actively working on the documentation and any contribution is very much welcome. I'm working on a nice homepage...

You can get the latest tar ball release here : Old releases will be left on the old forge.


And now we are even social ! follow us on :

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the actual link is

the actual link is (with another s at the end)

upppssss thanks ! Fixed.

upppssss thanks ! Fixed.