Results of MISC 2011 !

The results of the MISC competition 2011 were announced during the Workshop LoCoCo in Perugia Monday 12th of September.

The winners are :

  • for the track paranoid and trendy the solver aspuncud, a solver based on an experimental version of clasp with iterative unsatisfiable core elimination by Oliver Matheis.
  • and for the track user the solver gj-user-solver, a refactored SAT4J with a custom Pseudo Boolean Optimisation algorithm by Graham Jenson.

The novelty of this year was the introduction of a new aggregation function to the user track that can be used to maximize or minimize the numerical value or a cudf property.

All competing solvers were able to provide an answer the large majority of problems. Performances were used to break a few ties this year, and we can clearly see that solvers are getting faster and faster. Now most solvers are able to answer a 'common' installation problem under 3 seconds (see for example the solver aspuncud in the sub category dudf-real of the paranoid track) providing at the same time an optimal solution w.r.t. the chosen optimization criteria.

We received a positive feedback from all participants despite a small glitch in our ranking function. We definitely looking forward to establish MISC as an international solver competition for the next few years.

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Cheers for helping organise

Cheers for helping organise the competition. Really enjoyed the whole process.