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Improved dose-builddebcheck

The new release of dose, apart from a few bug fixes, ships a new and improved version of dose-builddebcheck (man page). All the improvements done to dose-builddebcheck are from a set of patches submitted by Johannes Schauer in the context of the Bootstrap GSoC. We are still actively working on this.

dose has a new git repository and mailing list !

Recently we did a bit of clean up of our git repositories and now thanks to roberto's efforts we have a new shiny git repository on the inria forge and two mailing lists to discuss development and user questions.

If you are a user, or interested in dose development, please sign up to these mailing lists:

if you already have a copy

apt-get with external solvers : call for testers

Last year we invited David to work with us for a few days to add a generic interface to apt to call external solvers.

mancoosi tools in debian testing

Finally the dose3 libraries and tools landed in testing this weekend. We solved a couple of bugs already and it seems nobody complained too loudly. If you used the edos tools in the past you might be interested to check out our new tools in the package dose-extra.

Actually @mancoosi we will be delighted to ear about you experience with our tools and how to make them better and more useful.

Dose3 in debian experimental !

Thanks to Ralf's work, dose3 has been just accepted in debian experimental !!!

performances tweaking - dose3

Lately I've been concerned about the performances of dose3. Soon we will have a package in the official debian archive (containing the new distcheck) and we also plan to use dose3 as foundation of an upcoming apt-get future (external solvers !). This week I tackled a couple of problems.

First I wanted to understand the poor performances of my parser for the debian Packages format. The parser itself (written by J. Voullion for dose2) is a home brewed parser, it uses a Str based tokenizer and it is pretty efficient.

distcheck vs edos-debcheck

This is the second post about distcheck. I want to give a quick overview of the differences between edos-distcheck and the new version. First despite using the same sat solver and encoding of the problem, Distcheck has been re-written from scratch. Dose2 has several architectural problems and not very well documented. Adding new features had become too difficult and error-prone, so this was a natural choice (at least for me). Hopefully Dose3 will survive the Mancoosi project and provide a base for dependency reasoning.

dose3 distcheck

A while ago I wrote about the new distcheck tool upcoming in dose3. I've recently updated the proposal on the debian wiki to reflect recent changes in the yaml data structure. The idea was to remove redundant information, to make it easier to read and at the same time include enough details to make it easy to use from a script. I'll write down a small example to explain the format.

edos-distcheck - new YAML output format

During the last two days I spent some time to implement part of the proposed features for distcheck/ edos-distcheck. Since everybody is at debconf and talk is silver, but code is gold, I hope that a real implementation can get the ball rolling and get us closer to a stable release of the next generation of edos/mancoosi tools.

In particular this post is about the new YAML output format for distcheck. The rational to use YAML is to have a data structure that is at the same time human and machine friendly.

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