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Nice menus in drupal 7 ?

I wanted to add a nice dropdown menu using drupal 7 and browsing the net I realized that there are so many drupal consultants making soooo many (fantastic) videos that it's kind of difficult to understand which version of drupal they are using and if things changed in the meanwhile.

An I know this blog post is going to be obsolete in a short while...

Anyway, if you are using drupal 7.12 and nice menus 7.x-2.0 creating a dropdown menu does not require any templateing foo (except if you want to change the default nice menu appearance).

SNCF on his way to drupal !

I've just learned from this article (in french) that the SNCF, the french railways company, is migrating all its infrastructure to an open source based solution. Apparently the organization has already migrated large part of their servers to IBM running linux, apache tomcat for the applications and drupal as their content management system.

Pretty soon alsy voyages-sncf will migrate to drupal.

dependencies graphs with debtree for drupal

I've generate a few graphs with debtree for the drupal modules (10 Feb 2010).

The list of direct dependencies is not very interesting. Dependencies in drupal are mostly flat or the go one or two level deep... You can still spot redundant dependencies like for the module get-node where then dependency on contents could be left implicit by the virtue that imagefield depends indirectly on it.

analyzing drupal dependencies for fun and profit

After few inspiring talks in the drupal room at fosdem I decided to spend few hours to figure out the module dependency system in drupal.

Drupal has a highly modular design. The core is composed by a set of required modules (dependencies) and a set of optional modules (suggests). All contrib modules declare similar dependencies between each other. All dependencies are conjunctive, that is, in order to install a component all its dependencies must be satisfied.

update to drupal 6

Today I've finished the long due migration to drupal 6 . With drupal 7 almost ready was kind of important not to stay to far behind the latest version. I've to say that drupal is getting better and better. This new stable version has a lot of eye candies (web 2.0 style) and improved functionalities. The update of the drupal core modules was almost painless (apart for a stupid mistake that corrupted my database...).

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