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Mancoosi fosdem talks

A small (and probably not complete) list of videos associated to the mancoosi project @ FOSDEM.

  • QA tools for FOSS distributions (FOSDEM 2012) - Pietro Abate (video)
  • Mancoosi tools for the analysis and quality assurance of FOSS (FOSDEM 2011) - Ralf Treinen (video)
  • Improving Rollback in Linux via DSL approach & distributing (FOSDEM 2011) - John Thomson (video)
  • Cross distro depend

QA tools for FOSS distributions

I'm going to deliver this talk at fosdem 2012, room H.1301 (CrossDistribution Devroom) at 16:30 on Sat. If you are interested, please come by. In particular I'd like to talk with all the developers out there that are using our work (of edos fame) and to discuss with them future plans to migrate their programs to the new generation of mancoosi - powered QA tools.

I'm going to fosdem !!

And don't miss the talk from Ralf at the crossdistro devroom [1] ...

Sat 05/02 18:00 - 19:00: Mancoosi tools for the analysis and quality assurance of FOSS distributions (Ralf Treinen)


fosdem cool stuff

Well... I went to fosdem 2010:) Very nice indeed as every year. Kudos to the organizers. Even though this year I didn't manage to grab a t-shirt as I usually do ...

I attended a presentation about I'm not very much micro-blogging person. I like social networks but just to get in touch with friends and nothing else. What I like about (as many other people at fosdem) is the FOSS side of it and it's implementation of open standards. The talk was well delivered and informative.

Me too !!

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